The hosts

Meet the Graubner-Moormann family: Lucie, Sebastian and their daughter Stella, a Dutch-German family who love the nature and atmosphere of the Black Forest. You live on the outskirts of Bad Herrenalb, with a picturesque view of the countryside and the Black Forest beach.

Lucie, a talented dance and yoga teacher, and Sebastian, managing director of an engineering firm, share a passion for building and hosting. They have been running the Bahnwärterhaus in Vogtland, Saxony, since 2013. In 2017, Haus Schwarzwaldstrand in Bad Herrenalb was added and in May 2024, the new project, the deck houses in the Upper Gaistal in Bad Herrenalb, will open.

Daughter Stella, who is studying to become a midwife, actively supports her parents in this passion.